Ali Wentworth – I Told Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron They’d Never Make It

Boy, was she wrong! Ali Wentworth predicted her former costars Jennifer Lopez and Charlize Theron would never hit it big in Hollywood and told them as much.

“[Lopez] always wanted to do sketches and sing, and I was like, ‘Honey, no, you’re a Fly Girl. It’s never going to happen,’”

Wentworth, who was a cast member on In Living Color in the early ’90s while J. Lo was in the show’s dance troupe, told Us Weekly at the 2018 Good+ Foundation’s Evening of Comedy + Music benefit on Wednesday, September 12. “And then she became a huge star.”

She added: “I also did a movie with Charlize Theron and told her it was a really hard business and she should do something else, and she became a huge star.”

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When asked if the superstars now ignore her when they bump into each other, the comedian quipped, “No, no, because they feel bad that I got left behind!”

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Wentworth, 53, and Theron, 43, appeared in 1997’s Trial and Error together. The film also starred Michael Richards and Jeff Daniels.

Lopez went on to conquer the domains of acting, singing, dancing and more. Theron became a highly sought after Oscar-winning actress.

Wentworth made headlines earlier this year when she admitted her friendships have suffered because of her very active sex life with husband George Stephanopoulos.

“The lowest moment for me is when the time arrives for the fateful question: ‘How often do you and your husband have sex?’” the Go Ask author wrote in her memoir, according the New York Post. “I have lost friends with this questi

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