Club Cubana’s Chief Priest Solemnly Admonishes Toyin Lawani To Repent And Stop Stealing

“Fashion Entrepreneur and business mugul, Toyin Lawani has been nabbed stealing a photo capturing loads and wads of cash belonging to Club Cubana’s chief priest.”

The latter called her out on Instagram shortly after she reposted the photo after cropping the real owner out.”

Lawani had captured the photo flaunting the bundle of cash;

‘May this locate you’

Club Cubana’s chief priest obviously pissed off that he was cropped in the reposted version, in a new comment solemnly admonished that she should repent from such act.

He said;

Madam why steal my picture,cut me off, and left my money alone to enjoy the glory.SMH even on Sunday and you included God’s name on it

Toyin resolved to ignoring his message but, the message was already passed

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