This Photo Of A One Legged Man Plastering A High Wall Has Inspired Social Media

“A photo has emerged on social media showing a disabled man engaged in active work as he goes about plastering a high wall.”

This is the photo that has caused quite a stir on social media since it emerged online recently.
In the photo, a man is seen balanced on a makeshift wooden wedge as he plasters a high wall. His clothes are all wet with sweat, an evidence he had been working for quite a while.
However, what caught people’s attention is the man’s right leg. It is apparent that he is an amputee as the leg is cut off.
Internet users have reacted with some measure of awe and inspiration to the photo with many asking how the man manages to go about his work even with his one of legs already cut off.
Over time, beggars have taken over some streets, pleading for alms from well-meaning people. Some of these beggars are amputees who cannot make good use of their legs or hands anymore. So it is quite a wonder that this one man is standing out among other disabled Nigerians.
It is not quite certain what part of Nigeria the photo was taken but it gotten many inspired on social media.”

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